Meet the Team at ADHD Breakthrough Center

Meet Jyoti Mander, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Bioscan Technician

Jyoti's heart truly belongs to children and teens. She feels a deep connection whenever she hears about the struggles parents face in figuring out the best nutrition for their children with ADHD symptoms.

In her conversations with parents, she often hears their frustrations: "We're overwhelmed by the conflicting information on nutrition and ADHD. It's a challenge to get our kids to cooperate, and we're not sure which foods to serve them. We're at the point of wanting to give up, but we know we can't."

Jyoti specializes in helping children and teens strengthen their immune function, increase their energy levels, and reduce brain fog. She works closely with parents to uncover the root causes of their children's ADHD symptoms. Once the underlying factors are understood, she guides parents in managing their children's diets to alleviate these symptoms.

But it's not just about nutrition for Jyoti. She believes in going beyond that. She takes the time to understand each family's goals, lifestyle constraints, and the unique preferences of the children she works with. With this personalized approach, she provides parents with strategies and detailed plans to optimize their children's health.


Get to know Jyoti Mander who is Board certified as a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN 971418), Lifestyle Counsellor, Registered dietitian candidate, and Neurocognitive trainer. Jyoti's warm and empathetic nature creates a nurturing environment for parents and children as they navigate the journey toward improved health and well-being.