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Meet Andra Dediu, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor ADHD and ASD Expert

I am Andra Dediu, a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor. I work differently from most of my colleagues as a transpersonal therapist, meaning that I work with the interconnection between mind-body-spirit. I’ve always wanted to help people in pain, and consider this my life calling.

On my own healing journey, I have tried many, many healing modalities including meditation, NLP, sound healing, somatic therapy, etc. My transformation led me to my Master’s in Consciousness & Transpersonal Psychology and becoming a counsellor.

Through my own transformation, I've learned how important the body's wisdom is. Working with the body means understanding the nervous system. The nervous system is important for thinking, feeling, moving, planning, and changing. I use a variety of short practices that can change how we feel inside. This helps us stay calm and handle things better in our daily lives.

Life can be hard, but our bodies can help us find peace and move beyond our previous limitations. In my work, I mix different healing modalities, like telling stories, practicing being aware of the body and listening to its signals, mindfulness, creativity, systems thinking, and using breath and sound. The best way to describe my work is a mixture of body and mind methods.

I am creative, intuitive, calm, empathic, open-minded, and really care about helping people heal. I have a Master's in Consciousness & Transpersonal Psychology and a degree in Transpersonal Counselling. I'm also working on publishing research on spiritual emergencies.

In my spare time, you would find me practicing yoga and meditation, reading, drinking chai tea (my husband makes the most delicious cup), and lounging in the sun (when we have sunshine).


Meet me, Andra Dediu. As a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, accredited by the ACCT (Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada) with registration number RTC#3298, I specialize in guiding clients to achieve peace and centeredness. My focus is on bridging the mind and body through innovative counselling techniques, helping individuals to find harmony and balance within themselves.